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Vitamin C – A Powerful Cancer Cure?

A 2008Vitamin C - EndAllDisease study conducted by the National Institute of Health found that, once injected into mice, water-soluble vitamin might slow the expansion of tumours.  Despite the long history of analysis into water-soluble vitamin and cancer with several of a similar findings, the analysis paper conferred its findings as new.  Curative health affects victimisation water-soluble vitamin medical care are famous for a protracted time.
Studies on water-soluble vitamin and Cancer

    A study conducted in 1969 found that water-soluble vitamin would by selection kill cancer cells while not harming traditional cells.  These scientific findings were for the most part neglected by the medical institution.
    Clinical trials conducted by 2x Nobel prize winner Linus Carl Pauling and operating surgeon Ewan Cameron were ready to prolongue the lives of cancer patients 6x longer than they'd have lived while not water-soluble vitamin.1
    A 1994 study conducted by Dr. Art Robinson found that mice with cancer fed a diet of raw vegetables and given high-dose water-soluble vitamin lived up to twenty times longer than the management mice.2
 when reviewing the prevailing literature, Steve Hickey, Ph.D and Hilary Roberts, Ph.D found that in high enough doses, water-soluble vitamin acts as associate anti-cancer drugs.3

How will water-soluble vitamin Work to Kill Tumours?

In healthy tissues, water-soluble vitamin works as associate inhibitor to scrub up and take away free radicals, associated in cancer cells it acts as an chemical agent that kills abnormal cells and generates free radicals.

When blood levels of water-soluble vitamin area unit maintained at a systematically high level, it's absorbed into tumor tissues, wherever it generates oxide, killing cancer cells.

If you would like to know why water-soluble vitamin will detoxify ANY famous chemical, here’s what you would like to know:

    All toxins area unit pro-oxidant within the body, which suggests they take electrons off from cells unless neutral with antioxidants.  This aerobic  stress damages cells.
    Increasing your body’s blood levels of the inhibitor water-soluble vitamin can offer the toxins one thing to consume so they can not negatively result your cells, and that they area unit then off from the body.

Vitamin C and different Diseases

“In addition to being associate absolute agent,” says Dr. Thomas Levy, “Vitamin C is additionally powerfully micro-biocidal. it'll facilitate the cure of most infectious diseases.”

Here’s an inventory of a number of the infective agent and Infectious Diseases conditions that are with success treated victimisation water-soluble vitamin, as reportable by Dr. Thomas Levy during a Lecture on the subject:

 infectious disease (Klenner, 1949)
 liver disease (Dalton, 1962;Klenner, 1974)
 rubeola (Klenner, 1953)
 infectious disease (Klenner, 1949)
 cephalitis (Klenner, 1960 & 1971)
 kissing disease (Dalton, 1962)
 virus infection (Klenner, 1948)
 contagion (Klenner, 1971)
    Tetanus [infectious and toxic  aspects] (Klenner, 1954; Dey, 1966)
 carbon monoxide gas o.d. (Klenner, 1971)
 gastrointestinal disorder (Laing, 1984)
 bite (Smith, 1988)
 sedative-hypnotic drug o.d. (Kao et al., 1965; Klenner, 1971)
    Lead and different serious metal poisonings (Pillemer et al., 1940; Sohler et al., 1977)
    Pesticides (Klenner, 1971)
    Radiation Toxicity [a archetypal prooxidant overdose](Ala-Ketola, 1974; Blumenthal et al., 2000; Kennedy et al., 2001)

Types of water-soluble vitamin

IV-vitamin-C1While Dr Mark Levine of the agency claims that “…only injected ascorbate would possibly deliver the concentrations required to ascertain associate anti-tumor effect”, authors Steve Hickey, Doctor of Philosophy and Hilary Roberts, Doctor of Philosophy rebut that statement, language “it isn't clear that endovenous water-soluble vitamin essentially provides a bonus over oral supplements within the treatment of cancer. there's a good case for suggesting that prime dose oral administration might bemore effective.”

They go on to mention that once the body is given a high-dose of water-soluble vitamin (as seen once administered intravenously), as a result of it's in plentiful offer, our bodies don’t ought to retain it all, and therefore a lot of of it's excreted within the piddle so energy may be saved.

While the agency paper claims that most blood levels of water-soluble vitamin area unit 200μM/L;  Steve Hickey, PhD, has been ready to generate blood levels of concerning 250μM/L with one five gram dose, and has achieved water-soluble vitamin blood levels on top of 400μM/L with one oral dose of Liposomal water-soluble vitamin.

Liposomal vs Oral vs endovenous

At doses of on top of one gram of oral water-soluble vitamin, it's calculable that nineteen of it's absorbed into the blood, and therefore the balance is eliminated through the alimentary canal. once Liposomal water-soluble vitamin is taken, over ninety three of the nourishment is obtainable for the body to use – a 390% increase in absorption. water-soluble vitamin is claimed to be concerning ninetieth used through endovenous administration, creating Liposomal water-soluble vitamin even additional economical than endovenous, at a fraction of the cost!

Liposomal water-soluble vitamin could be a special type of water-soluble vitamin that's encapsulated during a layer of fat for additional economical absorbtion and utilization. traditional water-soluble vitamin is water soluable and incorporates a troublesome time moving into cells, however once you add the lipoid layer the same as cell walls, molecules of water-soluble vitamin will slip into the cells simply.  Another advantage of liposomal water-soluble vitamin is that there aren't any laxative effects from ingesting it, as a result of the lipoid layer permits it to bypass the systema digestorium.
How much water-soluble vitamin do I take?

In his book nourishment C: the $64000 Story, author Steve Hickey, Doctor of Philosophy discusses the viscus tolerance of orally administered water-soluble vitamin. for several individuals, one dose of two grams can cause a laxative result. something additional, than that that produces a laxative result, would be eliminated and unused. curiously, consistent with Hickey, viscus tolerance will increase dramatically once someone falls sick. wherever someone would unremarkably be ready to tolerate a a pair of gram dose of water-soluble vitamin, once they become sick they could be ready to tolerate associate oral dose of 100-times that amount!

Steve Hickey Doctor of Philosophy continues, language that that most potential blood levels realizable with oral water-soluble vitamin may be achieved taking concerning three grams each four hours.  Since the water-soluble vitamin is merely active within the body for a number of hours, frequent doses area unit vital to take care of systematically high blood levels of this powerhouse molecule.  Cancer patients could need way more than the three gram dose each four hours.

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