Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Pros and cons of applying to Caribbean medical school

The advantages and disadvantages of studying in Caribbean medical schools by comparing US and Canada Medical schools.

Students are attracted more towards the Caribbean medicalschools because of the liberal admissions and no need to learn other foreign languages. The main reason for choosing Caribbean medical schools is student can enter into US or Canada for clinical rotations. Some students choose other foreign schools for curriculum, languages, culture etc.
·         Cost of medical education is very less
·         Students can leave to US for clinical rotation
·         Acceptance Rate
·         Recreation time is more

GMAT and GPA scores:
Some schools in Caribbean do not consider GMAT and GPA scores and few schools do consider the scores. These scores may vary accordingly based on the university rules. This will be the opportunity for the students with lower scores who could not enter into US medical schools.

Acceptance rates in Caribbean medical schools
The acceptance rates are considerably higher than US medical schools. For example if US medical schools accept 3.5 percent of peoples, the Caribbean medical school will accept 38 percent of students. This acceptance rate may also vary among the Caribbean schools because some schools will accept based on the nation s students.

 Clinical rotation in US:
Students can study the first 2 year of program in Caribbean and for clinical rotations they can enter into US medical schools.  This is the great option for the students who dreamt of studying in US and Canada medical schools especially in New York. By doing so students can gain their money by studying 2 years I Caribbean because the cost of living is low when compared to US and Canadian medical schools

Before applying for medical school in Caribbean consider about the accreditation of the universities because some universities are not accredited. Check whether the selected university s certificate is recognized in US schools. New York, Florida etc regulate strict rules to accept Caribbean medical students.

Grading systems:
The medical schools in US uses honors/pass/fail grading system where as the medical schools in overseas and in Caribbean follow A-F medical schools. Already students are facing challenge with curriculum they too got confuses in the grading system of the universities.

Apart from pros and cons, choosing a Caribbean medical school is the inviting option. Guess the situation currently and create a wise decision. Doing research about the schools of own is also suggested

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