Friday, 28 March 2014

Caribbean Medical Schools: Preferred Choice for Canadian Medical Students

Caribbean medical schools are the best destination for the students of Canada. A recent survey has found that most of the students in Canada prefer medical universities in Caribbean although the cost of medical education is high when compared to Canada.

Students study medicine in the Caribbean and do their residency training in Canada. Among the medical universities in Caribbean St George’s University, Saba University School of Medicine, Ross University American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, All Saints University School of Medicine, Dominica, Texila American University and Windsor University highlights the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS)

The main reason why the Canadian students apply to foreign top medical school is that they apply to medical schools of Canada two to three times and they don’t want to wait for many years through several attempts. On a survey it is proved that only 30% of the Canadians are accepted in the first attempt and in US 44%. So they prefer to best medical universities in Caribbean

CaRMS is an organization that approves candidates for a post graduate training position or graduates to do residency training in Canada. Without such training medical graduates cannot practice as doctors in Canada
Students studying outside Canada are doubled in the last five years. The main reason behind this is that they find difficult to study and practice in Canada

In 2006 CaRMS on its survey found that 80 schools have Canadian students enrolled in medicine over 30 countries. But among them 90% of the students willing to do practice in Canada which is not a easy one
Also it is noted that most of the students go to medical universities in Caribbean and some go to Ireland. There are also some destinations growing schools in Poland, Australia etc

Every year international medical schools are growing and they offer medicine program to international students. All these universities are targeting on the North American students. Although the tuition fee of studying medicine is comparatively high compared to Canadian medical schools, students prefer to study in Caribbean. It is estimated that the average fee of the program in Caribbean is $25,608 and in Canada $12,214. Ireland costs $49,800, Australia $42,334. Most students apply to best medical universities because they felt that they do not accepted in Canada due to high acceptance rates or else they have to wait for many years by taking repeated attempts

Most of the students studying in foreign medical schools are male and have completed secondary education than the counter parts in Canada. Most of the parents living in Canada are doctors and they are origins of Columbia and Ontario. So their children will easily get into Canadian medical schools that have lower acceptance rates

So studying in Caribbean Medical schools is an inviting option for the international students with affordable cost

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