Monday, 1 September 2014

US Clinical Rotation Requirements for International Students

Basic Sciences are vital to learn the vocabulary and grammar of medicine.  Clinical rotations are something different – it’s where one actually learns to be a physician. Whereas the Theories are pursued from anywhere – either online or on campus, the Clinical Rotations have no such options and can be pursued only in the affiliated hospitals.

On successful completion of the Basic Medical Science curriculum from a relevant Medical University, the next step will be the Clinical Rotations or the Clinicals. To get enrolled into any clinical clerkship in any hospitals, student must have successfully completed the academic examination from the recognized Medical University. In general, the clinical clerkships will be of two years duration.

Students are required to start clinical clerkships not later than 2 semesters (8 months) after the completion of Basic Medical Sciences. Students are advised to give the Administration or Clinical Department at least two weeks notice, informing the department of their intent to begin Clinical Clerkships and choice of clinical sites / hospitals.

One of the basic facts concerning the ClinicalClerkships is the Residency Programs or the Internship Programs wherein the students would take the USMLE exams to settle in the US with the concerned trade or profession..

Transfer students from the accredited or recognized Medical Schools would be eligible to apply to different Medical Universities throughout the world.  But in such cases, it is mandatory for the students to demonstrate that the Basic Science part has been successfully completed at the previous medical school and provide Step1 results of the USMLE Examinations, if available. In the absence of USMLE (step 1) examination result, a student may be allowed to commence clinical rotation upon demonstration of very high scholastic achievements by the student in other examinations deemed equivalent to USMLE step 1 or other forms of assessment by the admission committee of the University.

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